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Enter Arachnid Death

In this episode Cuestick Simpson packed his bags and went MIA. So, Vamps is joined by a special guest host, Arachnid Death.

Our hosts discuss a multitude of topics from Destiny Year one to the Spring 2016 Update. They delve into more of the PvP aspects of Destiny.

Arachnid ques in his opinion on:

  • Weapon buffs and nerfs from Year One till now
  • What makes the best meta for Destiny?
  • Trials of Osiris Year One till now
  • Does having custom games in Destiny benefit in the long run?
  • Why does Destiny need to be online?
  • Why can’t you play Destiny solo, or offline?
  • The return of Year One Weapons
  • Destiny speed running and cheesing methods
  • Is there a potential for theater mode in Destiny?
  • How can a theater mode benefit the Destiny Community?

and many many more topics dwell inside.

Thank you Arachnid Death for substituting for Cuestick Simpson this week, we appreciate your opinions, and cannot wait to hear from you again.


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Instagram: Arachnid_Death (note: there is an underscore)
Destiny Clan: Control the Chaos

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Twitter: @MrVampiricPlays
Facebook: VampiricPlays
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