We Talk Awakening the Nightmare DLC

Episode 51 Show Notes

As promised from the last episode the JrAce and RealMistry sit down and discuss upcoming Halo Wars 2 DLC Leaders, and the Awakening the Nightmare DLC. The FLOOD IS RETURNING!!!

We speculate on our thoughts of the teaser released at E3 and share our thoughts on the upcoming DLC Leaders like Commander Jerome, and the Halo Wars Arbiter.

Special thanks go to Fredric Spitz for the incredible intro music for our podcast. We really appreciate the effort put into this intro. Be sure to check out his Instagram account linked below.

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Flood of Emotion — Community Update  


Know-Scope — Community Update  


Halo Wars 2 — Awakening the Night Reveal Trailer 


Halo Wars 2 —  Terminus Firefight (Jerome)


Halo Wars 2 — Terminus Firefight (Arbiter) 


Terminus Firefight Gameplay – Halo @ E3 (Halo Canon) 


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