We Talk The Fall of Reach Book

Episode 50 Show Notes

Mistry finally did it! He is slow, but he progressed and we are finally able to talk about something that we have been wanting to talk about for months now. But, we are not alone with discussing this huge topic. We are joined by the Halo Completionist, and Conversationalist himself … Silver!

This episode we are discussing Halo: The Fall of Reach. A book that is written by Eric Nylund, and is a story that leads up to the events prior to the first cutscene in Halo: Combat Evolved (The first Halo installment in the franchise), and we also talk in-depth as to where the Halo: Fall of Reach book connects with events in the Halo: Reach game timeline, because that is a mess to any Halo fans concerned about continuity.

Special thanks go to Fredric Spitz of The Johnny Pumps for the incredible intro music for our podcast. We really appreciate the effort put into this intro. Be sure to check out his Instagram account linked below.

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