We Talk Upcoming Halo Books

Episode 42 Show Notes

This week it’s just Ace and Mistry, so no special guests, unfortunately. However, that doesn’t mean we will not have any more guests in upcoming episodes. I assure you we have a nice long list of special guests we would love to have on the podcast throughout the summer and the year.

The episode had no major topics planned to talk about, but unbeknownst to us, we had quite the lengthy discussion about Future Halo Book Titles, and a potential Third person shooter title we would love to see added in the Halo Universe.

Tune in to hear our thoughts on what story we would like to see expanded in the third person genre for the Halo Universe.

Also, another special thanks goes to Fredric Spitz of The Johnny Pumps for the incredible intro music for our podcast. We really appreciate the effort put into this intro.

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Halo: Envoy Book – April 25th 



Halo: Fractures Book


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