The one with all Halo 5 DLC!

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Episode 07 Show Notes

With the official release of all the major DLC for Halo 5: Guardians, RealMistry and the JrAce has a lot to discuss. We share our thoughts on each individual major release from Battle of Shadow and Light to Warzone Firefight. Tune in to find out our thoughts on almost every little thing that was released in each update, and which DLC we enjoyed the most. Our answers may not be the same.

Let’s Talk Halo is officially on iTunes!

Source: RealMistry & The JrAce

It’s here, it’s finally here. If you downloaded this episode off the iTunes store, you probably already know that we have been approved and are officially on iTunes! Isn’t that crazy? It’s nuts to think about how Apple allowed us to have our RSS Feed available to subscribe to and download off their store. Mind Blown!

Please leave a review or subscribe to the feed if you want to hear more from us, or if you want receive each podcast as they are released. Can’t wait to make more episodes and keep talking HALO!

Well anyways here’s the link to iTunes store where you can find our podcast.

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