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Episode 06 Show Notes

Warzone Firefight has officially been released, and boy is this packed with a lot of new content. Seven gigabytes of content to be exact. We even have a new story trailer for Halo Wars 2 released at RTX 2016. Tune in to find out our thoughts on the Halo Wars 2 story trailer, Warzone Firefight, Grunt Goblin, Wasp, and many many many more.


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Alright, so I just wanted to kick this off with an announcement first. I wanted to let you all know that both Ace, and I agree that we are ready to submit our RSS Feed to the iTunes Store. So, we announce that in the next week or so, assuming everything goes without a hitch, we will be on the iTunes Store ready for download once a week for FREE! We are both very excited to start officially sharing this RSS feed and podcast, and are thrilled to have the opportunity to keep talking about everything in the Halo Universe for infinity and beyond.

Halo Wars 2 Story Trailer

Source: YouTube


The Halo Wars 2 Story Trailer was recently revealed at RTX 2016 this past weekend, and it’s so … spine-tingling! But, this trailer gives us more questions than answers. But here’s a quick breakdown of what you see in the trailer.

It looks like this trailer kicks off at the beginning of the Halo Wars 2 Campaign. The Spirit of Fire are awoken by a still active Serina? After 28 years of cryosleep the Spirit of Fire and crew finds themselves at the Ark little to their knowledge they encounter a larger threat, a new faction of enemies known as “The Banished”.

Red Team seems to be investigating a building on the Ark, and are ambushed by the Banished, this could be the very first encounter with Atriox and his faction.

We are then treated to a little more extended cuts of how the attack panned out that was shown for the Gamescon Halo Wars 2 reveal, and we are shown Professor Anders Observatory/laboratory.

Among other things we are also shown an Elite alongside brutes, this elite might even be a potential playable leader in Halo Wars 2, and Red team trying to escape in a Warthog.

Other things to note in the trailer are Jerome radioing “we have a casualty”, so is Douglas seriously injured, or did he eventually die?
Regardless the marketing team behind Halo Wars 2 is doing a phenomenal job at marketing this game. This was masterfully edited, and we simply cannot wait to see what kind of story will unfold, and how this will continue the Halo Universe, maybe even connect to Halo 6.

Warzone Firefight

Source: Halo Waypoint

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It’s here! It’s FINALLY here! Warzone Firefight has finally dropped and it’s very difficult, but so much fun to play.

For those of you that don’t know how Warzone Firefight works. Warzone Firefight is an 8 player co-op game mode where you complete objectives each round till the game ends. You have 5 rounds to complete in total, and 5 minutes to complete each round, which gives you a total of 25 min per game at most.

The objectives vary from defending a base or relic, killing a specific amount of enemies, or killing a boss(es). As players progress through the rounds, the rounds themselves and enemies become increasingly difficult. However, with each completed round you are rewarded with raising your REQ level.

With the release of Warzone Firefight comes new threats, bosses, vehicles and weapons, there’s also a new map! (Which we will get to a little later).

And as a limited time promotion, in celebration of the launch for Warzone Firefight, players earn Gold REQ Packs. Here’s a quick rundown of the Gold REQ pack earnings players receive.

  • First Warzone Victory will give you 1 gold REQ Pack
  • Third Warzone Victory will give you 3 gold REQ Packs
  • Tenth Warzone Victory will give you 5 gold REQ Packs

With the Warzone Firefight DLC there were 3 more added achievements to the mix. Here’s a small brief title and description of the new achievements.

Not Your First Rodeo
Successfully complete 5 Warzone Firefight matches.

Tour of Duty
Complete a Warzone Firefight match on 6 unique maps.

Dangerous Game
Earn a Mythic Boss takedown in a Warzone Firefight match.


Attack on Sanctum

Source: Halo Waypoint

Attack on Sanctum-Shownotes-Image

The newest addition to the Warzone collection of maps is here. Attack on Sanctum is a remote sanctum that was a lush garden and home of towers of glass and steel, which was used to launch the Sangheli interplanetary probes.

This map is absolutely beautiful, and adds a different dynamic to Warzone games. Control the temple and you have a huge advantage over the opposing team, you own that for a good chunk of the game, and you have sight lines almost all over the map. There’s a great terrain to drive with vehicles, and lots of space for air to air combat as well.


Grunt Goblin

Source: Halo Waypoint


The Grunt Goblin is another amazing addition to the enemy roster. Fighting this enemy is a BLAST! (pun intended). The Grunt Goblin is no push-over either. Just to add some fun facts about the Grunt Goblin.

The body suit that the Grunt climbs in embodies the pillars that grunts universally agree their species are known for: Ruggedness, Agility, and Lethality. The Grunt Goblin combines exotic engineering acumen, covenant manufacturing technology, and a Grunt user interface to allow the operator to hit lots of buttons.

This enemy is so much fun to fight, and hilarious. You can even fight two of them at once. While they attack they yell out a move. Almost like a Digimon when attacking other Digimon.



Source: Halo Waypoint

Halo- WaspShownotes-Image

The Wasp is a VTOL attack craft, that has been a staple of the UNSC’s military inventory for centuries due to their: manoeuvrability, Lack of infrastructure on many worlds. The Wasps utilized ducted fan engines.

Wasps are a great new addition to the Warzone Firefight vehicle REQ roster. They have quite the firepower, but not heavily protected. A few shots can take this bad boy down. What’s great about these vehicles is it does not have any sort of boost or evasive manoeuvers. Which makes this very different from the other two air vehicles.



Source: Halo Waypoint


Molten is a remix of the map “The Rig”, and it doesn’t really look like the Rig to be honest. Megacorporations sited resource extraction and refining operations on the planet Ruthersburg, which was then dedicated to feeding materials and rare earths to shipyards building the next generation of UNSC Navy vessels above Mars and Tribute.

This new map has been fun to play on Free-for-All game types, and has been already added to Rumble Roulette. In my experience I have had many extremely close Free-for-All games, I think it could work great for an assault variant or even a CTF variant.


Halo 2 Beam Rifle

Source: Halo Waypoint

Halo 2 BeamRifle-Shownotes-Image

We all know and love the original Halo 2 Beam Rifle, and it’s back with a few new upgrades … ok well variants. You have the original Halo 2 Beam Rifle and now there is the Halo 2 Beam Rifle Alpha Variant, and the Delta Variant.

The Alpha Variant
The Alpha Variant is an improved Beam Rifle with faster rate of fire and increased hip fire accuracy. Simply put, it was assigned to Jackal snipers that displayed bravery in their defense against the Flood onslaught on installation 04 (The Halo Ring you land on in Halo CE).

The Delta Variant
The Delta Variant is another improved Beam Rifle with a slower rate of fire, but a one hit kill that pulls surrounding targets towards the hit location for a short duration and eventually explodes. This Beam Rifle was designed and handed to an elite team The Prophet of Truth employed to hunt down political enemies during the Great Schism.


Campaign Score Attack

Source(s): Halo Waypoint , True Achievements 

Campaign Score Attack-Shownotes-Image

In Campaign Score Attack, players can earn up to 50 medals and points for enemy takedowns. With this new addition came 5 new achievements. They are as follows:

Drop a Quarter
Complete a mission in Score attack with at least 10,000 points.

Up for a Challenge
Reach 50, 000 points in Score attack with a Skull multiplier of x2 of higher.

Party Hearty
Complete a mission in score attack co-op, with all participants scoring at least 200, 000 points.

The Hare
Beat the par tiem of a mission in Score Attack.

The Tortoise
Complete a mission in Score Attack with at least 500,000 points.


New Forge Canvas: Tidal

Source: Halo Waypoint


We really have nothing to add about this, as we have not really had the opportunity to jump into forge much. What we can tell you however, is this is a new canvas that allows forgers/cartographers to use the vast ocean to their advantage.


HCS Team Skins: Series 1

Source: Halo Waypoint


343 Industries has partnered with their top 3 esports teams whose players have competed in Halo for years, and so they have released REQ packs that are available to buy. These REQ packs allows the Halo Community to support their favourite teams and players, and a split of the proceeds of each pack goes directly to respective teams. This series the teams include: Counter Logic Gaming (CLG), Evil Geniuses (EG), Optic Gaming (OG).

Each pack contains brand-new Halo Championship Series weapon skins. These packs consists of

  • Branded Magnum and Assault Rifle skins of your team of choice
  • An emblem of your team of choice
  • 2 rare or better visual customizations

Purchasing the packs multiple times will unlock 5 rare or better visual customization items.


Halo Wars 2 Open Beta Stats

Source: Gamespot

Halo wars 2 Stats-Shownotes-Image


With the Open Beta for Halo Wars 2 finally over, we get a nifty new stats sheets giving us fun and interesting stats for Halo Wars 2. Which faction took the most wins the UNSC or the Banished?


Rumble Roulette Live Stream

Source: RealMistry

Rumble Roulette LivestreamShownotes-Image

For the past few weeks I (RealMistry) have been doing some tests on livestreaming on Twitch.tv. I must say at this point I am about 95% certain I can have a Rumble Roulette live stream run smoothly. Sometime this week, maybe even Friday July 8, 2016. There’s some small stuff that I still need to get going, and I am in the final stretch, but I am confident in saying that very, very soon, you could possibly see more Rumble Roulette Gamenight videos, and Live Streams. Which I am very excited to share with you all.


Xbox Ultimate Game Sale

Source: Xbox Live Marketplace


Xbox is having an Ultimate Game Sale … need I say more? But, check out the deals or discounts you can get for Halo Products below.

  • Spartan Assault & Spartan Strike are available Steam Sale as combo $5 in total
  • MCC is available on Xbox Summer sale for $20
  • Halo 5: Guardians is available for $30
  • 40% off all gold req pack combos


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