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There’s nothing I love more than exploring an immersive and expansive world at the comfort of my couch. The idea of sitting down, releasing life’s pressures and diving into an adventure that would be impossible in our lifetime always excites me.

The ability to control iconic game-characters allows me to take control of the immersive experience of playing videogames, whether that experience involves taking on hordes of zombies, obliterating armies of aliens, or stepping on mushrooms to save the princess in the castle. This spine-tingling sensation always drives me to have an epic experience in any game I play.


For the past several years I have been listening to many different podcasts. Whether it’s about gaming, movies or comics, I enjoy listening to everyone’s opinion on subjects they are passionate about.

In the more recent years I have been a special guest or guest host on a couple of podcasts, such as Postgame Carnage Report, The Drunken Halo Podcast, and the Politically Incorrect Gamers Podcast. I have enjoyed guest hosting so much, that I decided to create my own platform to discuss my opinions and other passions till I can’t talk anymore.


As a child superheroes meant everything to me. The idea of the ‘heroes journey’ and having  god-like powers and dealing with real life problems fascinated me. I would often gather my toys and create my own “sandbox”, putting my favourite heroes in ridiculous scenarios, like crossing over different worlds and universes.

Now, all I talk about is superheroes, and exploring other worlds and other visions of creative dystopian societies. This website is a platform for me to share with you my passions…

A word from RealMistry

I am a content creator with a passion for the world of heroes. Whether it is through comics, video games or movies, my heart and soul lives within this world. I would like to take this opportunity to explore this platform as both a learning experience and a way to express my passion.

I would like to inspire others to do what they love, no matter how tough it gets or how ferociously you are challenged. After all, do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.